1-On-1 Coaching With Dr. Jen Hosler

It’s totally possible to live a healthy life, enjoy foods you love, and not need to live at the gym.

It’s possible to get the results you want without complicating your entire life.

Dr. Jen has spent the better part of the last decade sifting through the fitness and health BS that pervades the internet. She is passionate about simplifying healthy behaviors to help women create a healthy lifestyle that finally sticks!

It shouldn’t be stressful. It can be easy, enjoyable, and effective!

Hi, I’m Dr. Jen Hosler.

Dr. Jen is a physical therapist and personal trainer. She knows the struggle of failed attempts at cultivating a healthy lifestyle and staying consistent in the gym.

Like you, she tried countless times to “get it together” and finally “get in shape”,  only to be disappointed once again with a lack of results and her inability to stay consistent or find the confidence she was searching for.

Like her, you’ve probably started many times to create confidence and feel at home in your body once and for all, only to end disappointed and frustrated. You’ve probably tried many forms of exercise or diets. Or maybe you are too overwhelmed with myths and information to know how to start.

Dr. Jen understands science, and also understands how to put science into real life. That’s what she does with her patients and clients on a daily basis.  And that is exactly how she coaches. She will listen to you and your concerns and work with you weekly to achieve your goals.  

She is here to help you stop stressing about being healthy by making it as simple as possible, so you can find the balance between “perfect” and real life. She will help you cultivate the healthy lifestyle you’ve been craving, so you can take back your power that has been stolen through diet culture and the constant pursuit of “fixing” your body.

How 1-On-1 Coaching Works.

1. You decide you are 100% ready to FINALLY create a healthy lifestyle that LASTS. (PS this means you have to stop throwing money at the dumb shit on the ‘gram like waist trainers).

2. You apply for coaching, cross your fingers, and hope to die that you and Dr. Jen are a MATCH.

3. Dr. Jen emails you to let you know that you’re a match because obviously if you’ve made it this far it was meant to be.

4.  You fill out a form and set up the initial video call with Dr. Jen so she can get to know you. This goes far beyond your favorite color or whether or not you match your socks.

5. Dr. Jen creates a simple plan for you based on your goals, along with homework (journal prompts, reading, actionable steps, etc.). This is delivered to you via email.

6. You execute said plan to the best of your ability for the week.

7. You check-in via email and then meet with Dr. Jen weekly via videochat for 30 minutes to review plan, modify it as necessary, and progress your homework.

8. Rinse and repeat until you have reached your goals and no longer need Dr. Jen!

What’s Included

Custom Exercise Program

Dr. Jen will create an exercise program specifically for you. She will tailor the program to your current access to exercise equipment, fitness level, and goals.

Weekly Homework

Dr. Jen will provide you with weekly homework geared towards your biggest struggles with healthy eating and exercise.  

Weekly Coaching Calls

Dr. Jen will hop on a 30-minute coaching call with you each week to hold you accountable, review and progress your homework, navigate life obstacles with insights and resources, and answer any questions that pop up.

24/7 Access To Dr. Jen

Ok, she might not respond to your message at 2am (because sleep, duh!), but she’ll answer all your questions with a 24 hour response time.

Healthy Eating Guide

You will get access to a downloadable, easily digestible healthy eating guide to make eating healthy simple and sustainable. It will provide you with the foundation you need to make this a lifestyle.

Exercise Log Sheet

Dr. Jen has created a done-for-you exercise log sheet to help you track your workouts in your custom exercise program. No more trying to remember the weight or rep scheme from the previous week!

Weekly Accountability Check-Ins

Dr. Jen will regularly check-in with you via email prior to your coaching call to hold you accountable and to guide the call. 

Daily Mobility Routine Guide

Dr. Jen has created an all-inclusive daily mobility routine with video demonstrations to keep your joints healthy for a lifetime.

1-On-1 Coaching With Dr. Jen Is For You If…

  • You’ve tried everything and nothing “sticks”.
  • You struggle to stay consistent.
  • You start out on a program well, but always get derailed.
  • You feel overwhelmed with what’s BS and what’s science.
  • You want to be healthy and enjoy your life.
  • You are committed to figuring this out once and for all!

I am so excited to embark on this journey with you!

I truly understand how frustrating it can be to feel so powerless and overwhelmed, which is why I am dedicated to helping you along this journey.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at info@jenhosler.com.

I look forward to watching you grow, take back your power, and be the badass you were meant to be!

In strength,

Dr. Jen Hosler

Ready To Get Started?

Healthy eating and exercise made simple. So it sticks. And so you can be the badass you were meant to be.