Controlled Articular Rotations with Dr. Jen Hosler

CARs are the #1 thing you need to be doing to overcome your longstanding injuries, aches, and pains.

Even if you’re just looking to move, feel, or perform better, CARs (controlled articular rotations) are where you should begin. CARs are the mobility exercises I utilize to create a solid movement foundation with every patient & client I work with, both virtually and in-person.

Why CARs?

We take care of our bodies is so many great ways – we brush & floss our teeth to keep our teeth and gums healthy; we eat well to stay nourished; we lift weights to maintain our strength & build strong bones; we perform cardiovascular exercise for cardiorespiratory health; we prioritize our sleep; and many of us even prioritize our mental health.

But what are we doing for our joints to keep them healthy?

General exercise and lifting for joint health aren’t working – lower back pain & arthritis are still leading causes of disability worldwide. We need something more specific to our joints to keep them healthy.

Enter CARs.

Controlled articular rotations (CARs) are joint-specific exercises. There are no other exercises more specific to your joints that CARs. They’re the best thing you can perform to improve your joint health, improve your body awareness, and maintain your joints’ ranges of motion.

What's Included:

-CARs Routines (basic CARs routine, express CARs routine, and seated CARs routine).

-Videos of me explaining each CARs exercise to a client while she demonstrates each exercise in real-time.

-Explanations on what exactly CARs are, how to perform them, how often to perform them, and how many reps you should be performing.

-Explanations on how to utilize CARs as a joint-screening tool to analyze the health of your joints (without needing an appointment with a physical therapist).

Ready to move, feel, and perform better?

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