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I Empower Women to Live Their Strongest Lives.

I am so honored that you are here.

As a strength coach and physical therapist, it is my responsibility to ensure that the knowledge I provide to those who entrust their health into my hands is backed by science and aimed to promote a healthy, sustainable life that they love.

This means I will not be targeting women with an idea that they need to be fixed. I will not provide meal plans and promote programs aimed at getting rid of cellulite and banishing love handles.

Instead, my work is aimed at helping women cultivate healthy behaviors and discover what it means to thrive and live a full, strong life.

Who Am I?

I am a wife, dog-mom, kettlebell-loving, beach bum. I love all things related to fitness and exercise-except running anything more than short sprints. I love learning new skills at the gym and being active outside. If I’m not soaking up sun, getting my sweat on, or reading a book, I am probably indulging with a glass of wine or a juicy burger.

Formally, I am a strength coach and physical therapist. I have extensive knowledge (thanks to my obsession with learning) regarding human movement and health, and I utilize this knowledge to empower others to take charge of their health and lives.

My Story

With a background as an athlete- gymnastics, soccer, cheerleading, basketball, volleyball, and softball- I have always had a passion for fitness and health. After 2 knee surgeries in high school and many grueling hours of rehab, I felt drawn to a career in physical therapy. Throughout my undergraduate studies of exercise science, I began learning about the human body- which is absolutely fascinating!

Around this time I also began weightlifting and dabbled with CrossFit on and off for a few years. Once I entered this fitness and health world, there was no turning back. I began reading every blog post or article I could to build upon the foundational knowledge I was getting through school. I couldn’t- and still can’t- get enough. HOWEVER, the more I read, the more confused I became. There is so much conflicting and confusing information out there, not to mention information that is honestly just complete BS.

I have spent the last several years weeding through it all, and I use this experience and knowledge to provide clarity to others on their journey to a healthier, better life.

Most people, like yourself, know what is generally healthy. The difficulty comes with how to transform this knowledge into action and healthy behaviors. This looks different for each person, but I am here to present some guidance and tips to help you start taking action to move, eat, and live better.


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