Virtual Consultations & Coaching

Virtual Consultations

Get some guidance and answers to your nagging injury or mobility restriction in a virtual session with Dr. Jen. If you feel like you’ve tried everything, but nothing has worked, let’s chat & identify steps to help you break through your injury plateau. Together we can create a plan that will get you on the right path to achieving your health & fitness goals.

Consult calls are via Zoom and the recording is sent after, so you can replay it as needed.

$250 for 60-minutes

This option is for you if you want some guidance on your situation, where we can identify the big missing links in your rehab or fitness approach, and identify the next best steps to take.

Virtual Coaching Options

Individualized Mobility Programming

You’re active, but not exactly in the way you’d like to be. You have mobility restrictions or a nagging injury that hasn’t gotten better or always comes back. Your body doesn’t move how you want it to and you know it will take time to see the progress you’re after. 

I will work with you to create a program tackling your weak links based on your goals. You’ll get ongoing support for me through a monthly 60-minute coaching call, as well as access to me via email for questions, video form feedback, and an option to add on additional coaching calls as needed for additional coaching or navigating any flare-ups.

12-week commitment.


Individualized Mobility x Strength Programming

You need mobility work, but also some help in the strength training department. You want to lift, but struggle to find ways to do so without aggravating your injury. 

Let me handle your programming. I’ll blend mobility & strength training together, including the stuff you know you need, but don’t program for yourself. 1, 2, or 3-days per week of programming.

Includes program updates, a monthly 60-minute coaching call, email access for questions, optional video form feedback, and the option to add on additional coaching calls as needed for additional coaching or navigating any flare-ups. 

12-week commitment.


Not Sure What You Need?

If you aren’t sure what you need or have more questions about working together, you can send me an email at