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Learn How to Implement Mobility Work So You Can Help Your Clients Do More With Less Injuries

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I Know You Got Into This Field To Help People...

And you have your education and certifications.

But you find yourself getting stuck being able to help clients who:

  • Have a nagging pain or restriction that impedes your programming
  • Want to be more flexible
  • Keep plateauing in their progress or getting sidelined by injuries
  • Want to know why they can’t squat full depth
  • Have trouble executing the exercises, no matter what cues or set-ups you try
  • Have been cleared from PT and need help getting back into fitness

It’s super frustrating when you know your clients need a slightly different approach and the things you’re trying just aren’t getting them where they want to be. 

And it can be overwhelming knowing where to start and sifting through information that’s rooted in sound science.

Not to mention trying to figure out where mobility work even fits in with your current programming.

Sound familiar?

Trust me, I’ve been there. And so have a dozen other movement & fitness pros I’ve mentored.

 What If You Knew Exactly What Steps To Take To Help Clients Struggling With A Movement Restriction?

What if you just needed a simple framework for understanding movement assessments & programming?

A framework that would change the way you looked at movement.

…so you can tailor programming to the person in front of you no matter their history or goals, instead of constantly modifying their sessions or trying to piece together random exercises you’ve saved from IG.

Let Me Introduce You To Movement School!

An 8-week course that will transform how you view movement and teach you how to bridge the gap between rehab & fitness through mobility assessments & programming.

Hi, I'm Dr. Jen Hosler...

A physical therapist & strength coach of over 6 years and self-proclaimed movement nerd. I believe that the fitness industry needs more professionals who understand movement better.

There are too many people getting injuries that could be avoided if coaches had a better understanding of movement assessments.

And there are too many people struggling to get back to fitness after rehab because there’s a mismatch between their goals and the programming they’re receiving.

Over the years, I began mentoring coaches & movement pros who were needing help bridging these gaps and getting their clients past nagging injuries, training plateaus, and movement restrictions.

It wasn’t fancy exercises that they were missing out on. It was learning how to master & apply simple concepts. Concepts that are often overlooked or skipped in other courses and seminars.

I created Movement School for exactly this reason.

…so you can master foundational concepts that can be applied at various levels, returned to again & again, and built upon as you continue learning across your career.

If you’re down to analyze movement differently, combine your existing knowledge about exercise with more in-depth knowledge about movement & injuries, & establish a foundation that you can build upon & come back to again & again for your clients,

…you’re in the right place.

Here’s What You’re Getting:

Nine (9) Pre-Recorded Modules

Each module includes a handful of trainings related to the module topic that total to ~60-90 minutes each week.

Movement Assessment Library

A library of assessment tutorials for every body part, including breathing and core stability, broken up weekly.

Four (4) Live Discussion Labs

These discussion labs are bi-weekly 60-90 minute live Zoom calls to discuss and apply concepts covered in the modules and include exercises that address common limitations for each body part.

Community Forum

A place where you can get questions answered as you learn and discuss concepts with likeminded professionals.

The Weekly Modules:

Every week you’ll have a module to complete that will include a handful of pre-recorded video trainings centered around the module topic. Each module is described in more detail below.

Module 1: Assessments

Master the basics of movement assessments to identify mobility limitations & movement deficits. In this module you’ll learn about everything you need to set up and execute a thorough assessment, so you can:

  • Save time and energy up front with clients
  • Identify movement limitations
  • Screen for joint issues
  • Establish a baseline for tracking progress
  • Manage expectations up front
Module 2: Programming

Learn the principles behind using your assessment findings to guide your programming. In this module, you’ll learn different types of mobility exercises, when and why to program them, how to program for stretching, and how to progress exercises over time so you can:

  • Address the limitations or restrictions you find in an assessment
  • Adjust traditional strength programming according to your assessment findings
  • Feel confident in knowing exactly where to start with clients
  • Keep your clients progressing so their capacities actually meet the needs of their activities
Module 3: Pain Neuroscience

Learn the basics of pain the and the factors that can contribute to it and the role movement can play, especially in chronic pain, so you can:

  • Know how to communicate with your clients about pain
  • Have tools to adjust programming for clients who experience pain
  • Coach clients on behaviors that can reduce the pain they experience
Module 4: Breathing, Core Stability, & IAP

In this module, you’ll learn how the diaphragm works with the other core muscles to create intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) and how to assess & program breathwork exercises to improve IAP management, so you can:

  • Teach clients how to effectively brace for lifting
  • Know how to program breathwork exercises that can help your clients with recovery
  • Know how to modify traditional core work for your clients
  • Identify when clients need a modification based on their breathing & bracing strategies
Module 5: Injuries & Load Management

Learn how and why injuries happen, the factors that contribute to injuries, the basics of rehab, and the principles behind load management, so you can:

  • Monitor your programming to help your clients avoid injuries
  • Identify & address factors with clients that may contribute to injuries
  • Enhance your communication with your clients’ other providers.
Module 6: Communication

Learn the importance of how you speak to your clients and how to effectively communicate with your clients about movement, so you can:

  • Be a better communicator
  • Avoid using nocebo language with clients that can be harmful and stall future progress
  • Establish more buy-in with and facilitate a growth mindset in clients from the beginning
Module 7: Troubleshooting Common Problems

Learn how to track progress and how to navigate plateaus and barriers to progress, so you can:

  • Make sure your clients are actually getting results
  • Have tools for when clients get stuck
  • Identify the need for adjusting programming
  • Effectively manage your clients expectations throughout the process
Module 8: Forces, Biomechanics, & Posture

Learn how different exercises and movements load the body, how those loads accumulate, and when things like posture or biomechanics matters and doesn’t matter, so you can:

  • Manage the loads in your clients’ programming to minimize risk of injury
  • Make adjustments for clients experiencing pain or injuries
  • Create more well-rounded programs for your clients
  • Know when to prioritize form or movement quality with your clients
Module 9: Application & Case Studies

In this module, you’ll learn how to put everything together and apply the concepts you’ve learned in real-life scenarios, so you can:

  • Feel more confident about implementing mobility exercises with how you already program
  • Know what is most important to prioritize
  • Bridge the gap between a ‘perfect program’ and a realistic program

Not Sure If Movement School Is For You?

Movement School Is For You If:

Your brain is a bottomless pit for movement knowledge

You want to understand pain & injuries better

You currently have clients you know would benefit from mobility work

You’re tired of working around the same issues with your clients

You like to understand the science and ‘why’

You know the value of individualized programming that can meet people where they are

Movement School Is NOT For You If:

 ❌ You hate learning new things

 ❌  You don’t have a baseline understanding of exercise, anatomy, & physiology

 ❌  You don’t work with clients who want or need to move better

 ❌ You think mobility work is a waste of time

 ❌ You’d rather be handed a list of the same exercises you do with every single person

The Investment

Give me 8 weeks & I’ll transform how you view and coach movement, so you can keep your clients injury-free & progressing towards their goals.


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What Past Students Have To Say…

Movement School was the most important and applicable continuing education I’ve ever completed for my strength coaching career. I recommend this course to all fitness professionals who are passionate about learning in a fast-paced, highly informational and science-based environment. Jen and Ryan are excellent communicators and teachers, and have provided a unique opportunity to learn from their extensive clinical and educational backgrounds.

Alexis W.

Movement School is the best thing I have done for my coaching in a long time. There was so much amazing information and directly applicable tools that are already helping the people I work with. 100% worth the investment in both money and time. Thanks Jen!

Alex B.

The best part about this course is how well it meshes with my coaching and how I was able to start implementing the things I learned immediately. This course has helped me slow down and look at the movement patterns required for lifting and help my clients improve those before tackling more complex things. I have noticed very quickly that I have a tendency to rush things so this has helped me back track and really make sure my clients are learning quality movement.

Marley C.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Get Access To The Material?

As long as the course lives, you’ll have access to the material!

What Are The Times & Dates For The Live Discussion Labs?
  • August 22nd @ 5:30pm EST
  • September 5th @ 5:30pm EST
  • September 19th @ 5:30pm EST
  • October 3rd @5:30pm EST

They will be hosted on Zoom.

Do I Have To Make It To The Live Discussion Labs?

Nope, but it is highly encouraged to attend as many of them as possible. They are recorded and uploaded to the course portal. 

How Much Time Do I Need To Dedicate Each Week?

Plan for ~2 hours for the weekly modules + assessment videos. And the 4 live calls will be an additional  ~90 minutes.

Are There Payment Plans?

Yes! Go to the checkout page to see the options.

The Industry Needs You!

Seriously. There are not enough coaches, fitness providers, nor clinicians who understand how to remove the barriers of nagging joint issues and mobility restrictions that keep people from being as active as they would like. Finding and working on thee limitations can often mean haulting a long life of chronic issues before they even start. That’s the impact I know you’re here for 🧡.