Simply Strong

Simply Strong is a done-for-you monthly functional strength training program.

A functional strength training program for active women, created by an active woman.

What To Expect From Simply Strong

Simply Strong is a done-for-you functional strength training program that is updated every 4-weeks. Every 4 weeks you will receive a new 4-week program. Each week consists of 3 training days.

If you’re unsure how to program strength training for yourself or you’re simply looking to outsource your programming to a professional, this program is for you.

Please keep in mind that this is a group coaching program – if you require specific programming to accomplish specific goals, you would benefit more from my 1-on-1 monthly coaching services.

By following Simply Strong, you can expect to improve your functional strength, improve your athletic potential, improve your body control, and increase your mobility.

Why Simply Strong?

As a physical therapist, strength coach, and mobility specialist, I’ve noticed that most training programs for women end up running them into the ground, often leaving them tired & injured. I’ve also noticed that there’s a huge gap between the fitness crowd who lives, eats, and breathes fitness & those who simply enjoy fitness, but also enjoy living their lives to the fullest.

I created Simply Strong to bridge this gap and to provide women with a non-BS strength training program that actually provides results. This program is exactly what I was looking for when I began my own fitness journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I sign-up for Simply Strong?

You can sign-up for Simply Strong at any time.

When do I receive the Simply Strong program?

After signing up, you’ll instantly receive an email to complete a Google form/waiver. Once you complete this waiver, I will email you your program.

When is the program updated?

A new 4-week program is uploaded on the 1st of every month. Even if you have not completed your current 4-week program, the new workouts will be in your account. 

Please note: The app only pre-loads 6 workouts at a time. If you wish to load your new 4-week program, you must complete or manually “Skip” each workout until the new plan loads.

Is Simply Strong a mobile app?

Yes. However, you will not have to download an app on your phone. Instead, I will send you a secure email after you sign-up with a personalized link. You will bookmark this link to your phone’s homescreen as an icon. This icon will open exactly like an app.

What equipment do I need for Simply Strong?

Most gyms have everything you need for this program. With some modifications and/or exercise substitutions, you can even perform this program at home.

The workouts typically utilize barbells, dumbbells, resistance bands, and benches.

Important note: Simply Strong emphasizes the principle of progressive overload, which means a gradual increase over time in the weights used for the workout, the amount of reps performed, the amount of time spent under load, and/or the quality of the reps.

Craigslist, Amazon, and used sporting goods stores are great places to find affordable workout equipment if you wish to work out from home and build your home gym slowly over time.

How much does Simply Strong cost?

The program is $50 per month.

How many workouts per week is Simply Strong?

3 per week. Each training session should be less than 60 minutes.

How many workouts per week is Simply Strong?

3 per week. Each training session should be less than 60 minutes.

Can I do this program alongside another?

Simply Strong is designed to take care of your general functional strength training needs on its own.

If you were to follow another program, I recommend performing regular mobility training classes like those within my Kinstretch With Dr. Jen membership.

Is Simply Strong suitable for beginners?

Yes! Simply Strong is appropriate for all levels of fitness.

It’s very common to lack confidence when you’re just starting out, but everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to perform all of the exercises in Simply Strong – there are detailed video demonstrations of all the exercises used in the program.

Is this 1-on-1 coaching program?

No, this is a group coaching program. That being said, you can email me with questions and/or suggestions for exercise modifications as needed.

Ready To Get Started?

When you sign-up for Simply Strong, you’ll receive an email asking you to fill out a Google form/waiver. Once this waiver is completed, I will email you the program.