A training program that adds more to your life than it takes.
Make Me Strong.

Strength training for the active woman.

You love being active. Hiking, yoga, cycling, running, you name it. But when it comes to the strength department, you haven’t found a program that you LOVE. You don’t want to live at the gym or be left feeling wrecked. You want a program that gives more than it takes.

You need a training program that is:

SIMPLE so it doesn’t take all your mental energy. 

EFFICIENT so doesn’t waste your time. 

SCIENCE-BASED so it won’t run your body into the ground or leave you injured. 

FUN so it doesn’t get boring & you can actually enjoy training.

AND from someone you can trust. Hello, I have a doctoral degree in physical therapy and bachelors degree in kinesiology/exercise science. I am a movement specialist & self-proclaimed movement nerd. Basically, I weed through all the science, so you don’t have to. 

Simply Strong is all these things. It will compliment your already active lifestyle, so you can build strength & resiliency and do all the things you love better!

Girl, I know you want to be strong.

And I know you’re dying to find a training program that doesn’t require you to spend more than an hour at the gym, that’s trustworthy, and for crying out loud is actually ENJOYABLE!

You deserve a training program that will add more to your life than it takes from you.

This is exactly why I created Simply Strong.

I was you.

I wanted to be strong & have muscle, without feeling that fitness took over my life. And I needed a training program that wouldn’t run my body into the ground – I’d already dealt with enough injuries.

This is not your bodybuilder bro Chad’s program. It’s a program for active women, designed by a woman who wished this existed years ago. 

I am a physical therapist, strength coach, mobility specialist, and athlete. I walk the walk & will also talk the talk, educating you on anything & everything you need to know to keep your body healthy via weekly coaching calls every month. You’ll never be in the dark about anything.

What does Simply Strong include?

A science-based strength training program:

  • 3 full-body workouts per week
  • <60 minutes per workout
  • Daily mobility routine to keep your joints healthy
  • Video demonstrations & coaching notes for every exercise
  • Access to all workouts via Trainerize Fitness App (iOS & Android) for tracking and messaging me
  • Based on fundamental movement patterns to prepare you for life activities in the decades to come

Exclusive content in a private Facebook group:

  • Optional metcon workouts
  • Weekly live coaching calls & educational videos
  • Resources on form, modifications, mobility, mindset, and nutrition updated regularly

All created by Dr. Jen Hosler, a licensed physical therapist, strength coach, and mobility specialist.

If you have a question that isn’t answered on this page, please message me on Instagram or email me at

Who’s Dr. Jen Hosler?

Dr. Jen Hosler is a licensed physical therapist, strength & conditioning specialist, and certified mobility specialist.

She spends most of her time empowering people with knowledge on how to build more resilient bodies, both in her clinic & online.

She has spent the past decade learning through research and trial-and-error, with her programming and the patients & clients she works with. 

Dr. Jen noticed most training programs for women end up running them into the ground, often tired & injured. And she noticed there was a big gap between the fitness crowd who lived, ate, and breathed fitness, and those who enjoy training but still want to enjoy their lives.

She created Simply Strong to bridge that gap & to provide women with a non-BS strength training program- something she was looking for since she started her own fitness journey. 

Strength training is a magical tool, and it should always give more than it takes.

Come get strong with me.

Make Me Strong.