About Me

Build A More Resilient Body

I help active women get back to the workouts, sports, and activities they love.

Get mobile and strong so you can stay active without pain and injuries holding you back.

Hi, I'm Dr. Jen Hosler.

I’m a multi-dimensional woman who wears many hats: physical therapist, strength coach, mobility specialist, wife, dog mom, content creator, enneagram 8, & INFJ.

I love slow mornings, sunshine, being active, flexing, and wine.

I do not operate without 8+ hours of sleep. Sleep is key forever & always, amen.

The rare blend of fitness & healthcare that envelops my work has often earned me the title of a unicorn, but everything I do is rooted in science.

My mission is fueled through my own struggles with pain and injuries beginning at an early age.

After countless visits with doctors and clinicians, I was left frustrated and feeling hopeless. I had far too many doctors instill fear of movement and exercise due to a diagnosis of scoliosis at 14. This was further instilled after two knee surgeries in high school. So much so that I quit sports and thought I was destined to a life of pain.

Luckily, I decided to study exercise science in undergrad to get into DPT school. I began lifting and got a taste of how much better I could feel with regular exercise and lifting weights. Unfortunately, I developed chronic neck and back pain later from moving too little (DPT school was TOUGH), experiencing high stress, and moving poorly at a high intensity (CrossFit was no bueno for my body).

It wasn’t until learning about mobility training that I was finally able to tackle these nagging pains.

After a decade of mastering my movement through mobility training, loading my body through strength training to build resilience, and applying pain science principles that I am feeling better NOW than I ever did in my teens and 20s.

My work has been built on creating resources blending the science of these things to help more people master their movement, tackle nagging injuries, and be able to do more without their bodies holding them back.

More life, less pain & injuries.

Ready To Work With Me?


Have a nagging ache, pain, or injury that just hasn’t gone away? Maybe you’ve tried bouts of physical therapy or chiropractic care without much success. Or maybe you’ve done your own research and rehab with the help of social media, but you still aren’t feeling 100%. That’s where I come in – with my personalized asssessment and 1-on-1 programming, I will tailor a plan specific to your individual needs so you can feel better and tackle your goals.


Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion (mobility). Kinstretch will help you improve your mobility, maximize your joint health, and overcome longstanding injuries & pains that may be holding you back from living your best life. This Kinstretch program is your second best option to working with me 1-on-1 where you receive specific programming for your needs.


Simply Strong is a done-for-you functional strength training program that is updated every 4-weeks. If you’re unsure how to program strength training for yourself and you’re looking to outsource your programming to a professional, this program is for you. Please keep in mind that this is a group coaching program – if you require specific programming to accomplish specific goals, you would benefit more from my 1-on-1 monthly coaching services.