Episode 105 – 11 Lessons From Our Recent Home Renovation

I had no idea 2023 was going to end with closing down our in-person clinic that we had worked hard to build over the past 7 years, a cross-country move, and a major renovation of our new house. But that’s exactly what happened. We essentially gutted our new house and restored it within 7.5 weeks – right during the holiday season. It wasn’t easy, but it was a process that we were more prepared for than I ever would have thought. It turns out that a lot of the skills we work on when pursuing lifelong fitness also apply to other processes too. Processes like renovating a house. Tune in to hear how these things parallel and whether or not I think the process was worth it.

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A photo of Dr. Jen Hosler standing with a barbell instructing the deadlift.

Hi, I'm Dr. Jen Hosler.

I’m a bookworm, science nerd, and coach of all things movement (physical therapist and strength & mobility coach). You can catch me sleeping in & having a slow morning, doing CARs & lifting heavy things, or sipping a glass of wine on my time off.

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