Episode 42 – The Seasons Of Training

Have you ever gotten into a groove with fitness, seen some results, and then life happened and you weren’t able to continue along your routine? And you get super upset and maybe a little angry and stressed about not being able to continue? And maybe because you can’t sustain what you’ve done, you give up all together? This is the trajectory of a lot of people. It is unrealistic to expect your fitness routine to look the same for the rest of your life. We cannot expect our bodies to always tolerate pushing our fitness at a high intensity and chasing PRs. In this episode, we breakdown what different seasons of training might look like, and how to make peace with the particular season you are in. Tune in for a little help with your mindset around being into fitness for the long haul.

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A photo of Dr. Jen Hosler standing with a barbell instructing the deadlift.

Hi, I'm Dr. Jen Hosler.

I’m a bookworm, science nerd, and coach of all things movement (physical therapist and strength & mobility coach). You can catch me sleeping in & having a slow morning, doing CARs & lifting heavy things, or sipping a glass of wine on my time off.

Through a blend of strength & mobility training, I’ll help you master your movement & build a more resilient body that won’t hold you back from all the activities you love doing.

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Have a nagging ache, pain, or injury that just hasn’t gone away? Maybe you’ve tried bouts of physical therapy or chiropractic care without much success. Or maybe you’ve done your own research and rehab with the help of social media, but you still aren’t feeling 100%. That’s where I come in – with my personalized asssessment and 1-on-1 programming, I will tailor a plan specific to your individual needs so you can feel better and tackle your goals.

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